I invite you for an inward journey in this land of extremes and paradox.  

Come experience this uniquely diverse country and culture with her deeply rooted spirituality, rich, ancient history and open-hearted people. India is indeed a remarkable teacher.

The first time I landed in India in 2004, I felt oddly at home, drawn into the abundance of sensory stimulation, the beauty, the kindness and pervasive aliveness.  I came back each year since, several years as a group leader for retreats.  Finally I came to create a home base for myself which now serves as a gathering place for people to come for their own taste of India and an inward journey.


Are you open to immersing yourself in a very different culture?

Do you have a desire to look inside and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world?

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Mother India, with her ancient wisdom, serves as the ideal place to immerse yourself in mindfulness and a recognition of what drives our thoughts, words, and actions, while embodied in a daily yoga practice.  You’ll experience India other than as a tourist with a small group of amazing women, like yourself, who are adventurous, fierce, interested in learning and diving inward. You’ll become intimately connected with each other in our morning circles, with time to reflect on your own personal growth.  Along with me, you’ll be guided by wise visiting teacher-practitioners with a range of expertise, as well as local practitioners. 

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I offer semi-private retreats for 2 – 4 people
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Teachers and Practitioners                                                                                  Please Contact me if you are interested in                                                co-creating a retreat for your small group (8 – 10)



Comments from previous retreats ~


  • ” I am settling back in, but finding that my experience in India, with you, with the women, with the culture and with Mother India herself,  continues to resonate.  I truly believe that the trip will have a profound and deep impact on who I am and how I live my life.So, thank you for the experience of a lifetime.  I don’t even think that I understand the deep impact of the trip yet.  There has definitely been an internal shift/transformation and as my excitement and descriptions settle down, I just know that some deep meaning and purpose will surface as a result.”
  • “A wonderful growth experience. It was the perfect trip for me since i was very interested in deepening my yoga and meditation experiences as well as engaging in spiritual reflection. I was challenged by the culture but used it as a way to practice surrendering and being present. As Deborah said, India is a great teacher. “
  • “For years I listened to a favorite yoga instructor share her impressions and experiences of her annual visits to India.  I longed to visit this country where my senses would be exalted and my perspective would undoubtedly shift.  When I received Deborah’s invitation to be part of a retreat in Pune I took the leap.  Her description of a soft landing is so apt. What a wonderful way to be introduced to this incredible country.  Deborah and Frances provide a safe, nurturing, immensely informative introduction to a country that defies logical explanation, and to a people who carry on with inspiring grace. I cannot wait to return.


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  • “It was great staying in a neighborhood experiencing how some of the locals live.  I loved the rickshaws and going to the markets.  They were really the highlight of my stay because it was a glimpse into the culture, and so visually stimulating for me. I loved the Temples as well.  It was interesting to see the rituals and level of devotion of the people.  I loved all the food and my favorite meal was lunch at your flat.  I looked forward to the green drink every morning and the Chai that followed. A wonderful treat after yoga. All the restaurants were great as far as I’m concerned.  I arrived not being a big fan of Indian food and left loving it.”


  • “Every day I remember something about our wonderful time in Pune.  The memories of all our shared times, the beautiful and carefully prepared food, our rooftop yoga, meditation and sharing in our circle of women.   The colors, the smiles, the warmth and the peace…all memories that make me happy and I continue to share with friends.”
  • “Location is amazing – hawks and river wildlife.  The house has a retreat feeling but just a few steps away and we can be in the mix, with close shopping and restaurants.  Rooftop yoga…wow!  Great having rickshaws on stand-by for our use.  I loved creating and having clothes tailor made for me by Soma!  Chakra Balancing with Ashwini was amazing and going to the Buddhist caves.”
  • “Each day was an amazing adventure.  Learned and experienced so much in this time in India!  Met wonderful women on the retreat and felt really supported by Deborah and Pam.  Loved experiencing the culture, riding in rickshaws, going to the hot, sweaty markets, yoga on the rooftop, delicious breakfasts and lunches, fun dinners out, crazy shopping, Osho funkiness, great healing and new perspectives.  Loved getting to experience India in a supported way.”
  • “I felt supported, nurtured and cared for, down to small details.  I felt safe walking around town alone.  Having the Indian phone was very helpful.  The retreat was well put together and full of fun and exciting activities.”
  • “From the first meeting at Newark airport to the final days of the retreat, the women were cohesive, supportive and loving.  The ‘girl-time’ was great for me.  Learning from Pam and Deborah, be it wisdom, Goddess info or just the pure love, support and generosity was a blessing for me.  Sharing this intimate time with like-minded people was sheer joy.  Learning about the Indian culture enabled me to tip-toe into the everyday workings of Pune and its residents.  Learning to cross the street was a funny and interesting exercise I will always remember!  I appreciate the generosity of time, resources and spirit that went into this life-changing retreat.”
  • “Every single day was rich.  As I think back on all that I did, witnessed and tasted, there is not one thing I would want to miss out on.  My heart opened up in India.  I’m grateful for all the hard work and unbelievable generosity.”


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